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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

iKONiC products are intended for adult smokers intended to find alternative ways to switch from combustible cigarettes.

You must be at legal age to purchase iKONiC products on

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The iKONiC Rechargeable Device is characterized by its exquisite craftmanship. The premium aluminum housing featuring a hexagon design in a smooth finish, gives it a unique look and provides a superior user experience.  It’s the only quality choice for newcomer and the perfect alternative for traditional smokers. The iKONiC Rechargeable Device comes with a USB cable and a one-year limited device warranty. iKONiC pods are not included.

Patented design

360 degree light guide

The unique lighting system is a patented design, provides user an aesthetically appealing design to stand out from the crowd. 

Quality product

iKONiC pods and disposables are made with heat resistant, food-grade plastics, and contain a high resistance stainless steel vapor path, an industry standard silica wick, and nichrome coil heater.

Enhanced features

Extra Large coil:

Significantly more efficient than most in the market, it serves more intense flavor and bigger cloud.

Enhanced battery capacity:

A full single charge will be sufficient for 1.5 iKONiC pods.

Quality engineering

Patented engineering design and construction to prevent spit back and juice leakage.

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